Chinese Antiques For Sale

Due to high demand for Chinese antiques for sale, the prices keep going up.

During the past few years, some remarkable auctions have exceeded the price for Chinese porcelain, and some rare antiques have been bought for millions of dollars in Christies, Sotheby’s and some other big auction houses.

Most of the high bidding buyers are actually Chinese that wants to bring the history back to China, however there are many other collectors around the world that are constantly looking for Chinese antiques for sale.

Some are going to real auction houses and participate in the bidding activity. However due to the internet development today many people are selling and buying antiques online.

Whether you are a collector, investor or you just love the beauty of Chinese antiques and want to purchase some pieces for decorating your living room.

When looking online for Chinese antiques for sale, it is always better to be careful and cautious. There are many fake antiques sold as genuine.

Rust SpotsOne of the main places those fakes are coming from are China itself, it is important to understand the law in China in order to avoid buying mass produce items.

China has forbidden the trade of Chinese antiques outside of the country, and this law is punishable by death… This means if you are buying antiques from a Chinese supplier, you better be extra careful, as most of people will not risk their life just to have some Chinese antiques for sale on the internet.

So if you are encountering Chinese antiques for sale from China itself, it is better to avoid it as the chances those are real antiques is extremely low.

Currently on China, some of the ancient kilns are still working, only this time they are mass producing Chinese porcelain using molds and distributing them around the world.

Many antique shops we have encountered are selling those fraudulent items and claiming they have real Chinese antiques for sale. While the truth is, their items are 2-20 years old, and were made to deceive people.

The forgers are trying to make fake age signs as well, so you might look at a piece that has an old appearance, but actually was made not a while ago.

How To Avoid buying Fake Chinese Antiques?

It takes time to master the art of distinguishing between the real and the fake. However there are few things you can take into consideration before you rush to buy some Chinese antiques for sale you have encountered.

here some of the basics principles that can help you avoid buying fakes, although there is much more to it, while taking into consideration the ideas written below, you will be able to distinguish between Chinese antiques for sell  and just modern made Chinese pieces.

–         Avoid buying from sellers that are located in China

–         Look at catalogues of the big auction houses, and start getting familiar with the shapes, patterns and items quality.

–         When you encounter a piece you like on the internet, make a research and see if anyone else is offering the exact same piece, and compare between the prices, the shapes and the quality of work.

–         Contact the seller and ask question about the piece to see his replay

–         Check if the seller that offers the Chinese antiques for sale is reputable.

–         Study the age signs, and whenever looking on Chinese antiques for sale, look for those age signs.

–         Check if the items have been used (Most real antiques were used during the long period they are exist)

Those are only some Tips you can use when looking for Chinese antiques for sale, take them all into consideration, and don’t forget to always be skeptical and ask questions, eventually it will lead you to the truth about the items that are offered for sale.