Since there are many fakes in the market today, and we want to make sure we are listing only genuine antiques, we have come to the following solution.

If you want to sell your antiques and present them in our website, the first thing you should do is go through our Identification process. Click here to Identify Your Item.

Once your Item was approved to be a real antique by us, we will use the information to create an Item page for you. We will need at least 6 High quality (High Resolution) Photos of your item from all direction.

Sell YouR Antiques

The Price of listing an item in our website is $50 Per Item / Lot – For Unlimited time or until sold.

If you wish your items to be featured on the homepage the price is $50 per month.

If you wish your item to be featured in our blog through an article written by us with your items displayed. The charge is $40 per item.

Our Success fee is 15% from the total price

How to Sell Your antiques?

get in touch with us

we have tried to simplify it as best as we could (It is not easy, since we want to keep a clean and genuine trading environment  through our website, and we do not allow fake antiques to be listed in our website). So if you wish to sell your antiques, you must go through our identification process.

The Steps you should go through when selling antique with Real Rare Antiques:

Feature Your Item On The Homepage

If you wish your item to be featured in the Homepage.

The Price is $50 Per Month (2 Months Minimum)

Feature on Homepage

Step 1: Pay for Front Page View Step

2: Send high quality photos to

Step 3: Tell us which Item you want to be featured. (If you already have an Item page simply give us the URL, if you just submitted your antiques, Give us the description) (Setting up your item in the front page can take between 14 – 21 Business days)

Front page view can help maximize the result if you wish to sell your antiques, thousands of visitors who arrive to the website will be able to see your featured items and a click away from going to the item sales page.

How The Process of Selling your Antiques Work?

After you have paid and submitted the information about the item, we will create item page and display it in our website with the price you wish to sell it, in the description we will write whether or not you will accept offers.

Once your item is displayed on the website it will be seen by antique collectors and people that are looking for antiques on the internet.

In order to make sure the satisfaction of both you and the buyer when you sell your antiques. Once we have a buyer for your item, you will be connected to finalize the deal through escrow services. This will help to insure both sides are happy and secured.

The Buyer will pay the money to escrow, and you can verify he has paid for the item. (They will hold the funds meanwhile) After you have verified the buyer has paid for the item, you will need to ship the item to the buyer. After an agreed time between you and the buyer, the money will be transferred to you. (Direct Bank Transfer to your account).


If you want to know more about Please visit their website. (Click here)

All terms of the deal will be created before, by the seller and us, and you he will have the ultimate decision for the terms of the deal.

If you wish to know more information about the process please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Escrow Services does have fees of their own, And can be split between the Buyer and seller (Most Recommended)

Please include Shipping price when you submit your antiques for sale.

Our Fees

  • Sell your antiques through our website – $50 Per Item
  • Feature Your Item On Homepage– $50 Per month
  • Add your item to our next blog post– $40 Per item
  • Success Fee – 15% of Transaction price.