The Tang Dynasty (618 -907 A.D)

The Tang dynasty was an imperial dynasty who ruled china between the years 618 – 907 A.D,

“Li Yuan” who was later known as Emperor “Gaozu” of Tang, has founded the dynasty after a rebellion, he put Emperor Gong from the Sui dynasty (589-618 A.D) as a puppet emperor and then removed him, and titled himself as emperor.

Emperor “Gaozu” reign lasted between the years 618 – 626 A.D when he passed the throne to his son, “Li Shimin” after he killed both of his brothers, “Gaozu” was scared what might happened next and retired, leaving “Li Shimin” to rule china.

“Li shimin” or Emperor “Taizong” of Tang, was one of the most famous emperors in Chinese history, and perhaps one of its bests, in his reign after many military victories against the Turks of some regions in Mongolia, he has gained their alliance and received the title of Great Khan.

During Emperor Taizong reign, china was considered as the most powerful and large nation in the world, it covered most of today’s china, Vietnam, Mongolia and East as far as today Kazakhstan.

The Tang dynasty was a progressing and stability period for china, and china has flourished in many ways, especially in art and culture, using a civil service system which made order in the empire, Emperor Taizong has also made a new legal code, which specified the crimes and punishments from minor to major, Taoism and Buddhism were the major religions and accepted side by side, and the capital city Chang’an was thriving.

After Emperor Taizong died of illness in 649 A.D, his successor “Li Zhi” who is known as “Emperor Gaozong”, who ruled china between 649 – 683 A.D.